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Yeah... It's that time of the year again... I bring you the 2010 Supernatural calendar with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!!!


The calendar this way...  )
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Di was looking for a copy of the movie, so I uploaded it. But maybe someone's interested too. Here's the DL link....

It's kinda a tiny looking version.
You can also watch it online on MySpace.

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Thanks to [ profile] magser Jared saw my (well his) calendar when she gave it to him to sign.. and.. he looked through it..  and said it's awesome!!!


In case you haven't seen it Jared Padalecki 2009 calendar.

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I was going through the HQ pics of Jensen...thanks to [ profile] wheelygirl for finding them... and while resizing them (purely to check quality of course.. lol) I realized some cropping would be necessary to make them perfect for my desktop. And cause I'm so awesome I'm sharing.. hehe.

The link to the pics is HERE.

Anyway. They are no high art wallpapers, but very simple. I don't think I want to be disturbed by any textures while staring at that face.


Walls this way... )

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Lookie!!! Me has a new pretty header.

I think I OD-ed on J&J overdose today. The header was made by me with the most awesome pics by [ profile] wolfpup2000 .

You guys seriously have to check out her journal. Just a taste... There are tons of pictures!

I dare you to click... )
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Of course when I should be working on other stuff I always end up in my SN folders. Here are a couple of walls.

Warning.. one is from 4.16!


The whole bunch this way... )

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I haven't done much in the past month or so artwise. But a few icons did pop out. Mostly Jared, some Jensen and my LIMS entries.



More this way... )

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After making Jensen 2009 Calendar and then Jared 2009 Calendar, some people asked me about Jensen & Jared calendar.  Here you go...


More double monthy pleasure this way... )
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Someone commenting on my calendar asked me about one of the pics... And I don't remember seeing it around much, so I decided to post it just in case. I don't know where I got it from, but there is a tag on it anyway.

And beware it's huuuuuuge. lol

Contact Centre
Contact Centre
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This was a special Christmas present for my dear friend[ profile] josiepops . I decided to make her a Jensen calendar. I had it printed out on a A4 (print paper) size. It's on a real calendar paper quality and all. Then I had it bind together. And it looks really awesome in my opinion. It looks like a real deal.

ETA... Now there are also Jensen & Jared 2009 Calendar and Jared Padalecki 2009 Calendar


More monthy pleasure this way... )
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You know I couldn't hold back. [ profile] andreas_ri  posted the first preview of the new promo pictures. One of Jensen. God I hope we get Jared tomorrow.

It's funny how many icons can one make from one pic. I made 10 and a bigger one for my phone.


More Jensen this way... )

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Well I couldn't resist the new pics from TVguide and I still have some from the Eyecon laying around... pics for Eyecon are thanks to [personal profile] cherryscott

*mummbles under breath* stupid cut acting up again!


Take, enjoy, credit and don't hotlink!

Comments welcome!

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I just had to play around with the pics that are credited to [ profile] alaerys and this post.
 I appologize for not putting it under cut my dear flist, but something is not working. I'll try to fix it.


Comments welcome!

Snag away, just credit please!

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So yeah I know I know... lots have been made, but i just couldn't help it. LOL

Anyway a wall and a couple of icons.


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Well I did one for Jared's movie, so it was only fair I did one for Jensen's.

Click on it for the bigger version.

Comments welcome!

Credit for tech brushes goes to Oxoniensis (I think I got them on it's been a while). If it's yours let me know and I'll credit you!

If you haven't seen the one for Jared's movie and are interested.. click here.

SN icons

Jan. 19th, 2008 03:35 pm
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I've been doing fanart for about eight months now. Mostly banners, but lately I really enjoy making icons. And here are some.

1.     2.     3.      4.     

5.     6.      7.      8. 

9.    10.   11.   12. 

13.  14.   15.  16.   

17.  18.   19.   20. 

Feel free to take them. Just don't hotlink please and credit me 

[personal profile] alena2b.

Comments are very much welcome!



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So this is my first attempt to post something. I didn't really know where to start, but it turned out it's not that difficult.. LOL 

I'm just going to use this post to show some of the things I love to do. Mostly all connected to my favorite show Supernatural. An obsession which lead me to learning how to make fan art and edit videos..  :))

And these are the boys that make it all rolling!



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