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I know you've heard in the last days how awesome Jus In Bello convention was and how much fun the fans and actors had. Now I came across a pic that sums it all up. It's thanks to a really great lady I had the chance to meet at the con.. Stephanie! She posted a great report about her experience and you can find even more pics here

THIS PIC RIGHT HERE.. That's what it was all about. Just look at Jensen.

(And Jared was not there at that point.. LOL)

More pics of happy Jensen...  )
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 I can't belive we're at 100 episodes! It has been an amazing ride, which changed my life in so many ways. I have met the most amazing people, traveled places and learned new skills like making videos and fanart.
I have even met my favorite boys live! Which was an experience by iteself.

So dedicating this to all the actors and creators of my favorite show!!!

On the squeeing side.. I BOOKED MY PASS FOR JIB2!!!! WOOHOO!!! 
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I just thought someone might like this. They are from JIB con. Most of my pics sucked, but I like these.

(For public post.. they are just some I posted before, some boys' parts, only bigger)
And NO... not such parts! HEHEHE

Jared and Jensen parts ;D )
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Things are being set in motion to bring to life JUS IN BELLO Convention in my neighbour country Italy. The only way I can help though is to promote it with my art work. Here are a few walls I made.


Here's the community [ profile] jusinbello_con 

The walls this way... )


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