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 I got this from [ profile] fabilimah  and she got it from HERE.

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Yeah... It's that time of the year again... I bring you the 2010 Supernatural calendar with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!!!


The calendar this way...  )
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 OH GOD....

Have a great week my dear flist!!!! *hugs*

I also made me a wall you can get it HERE. It's nothing special. Just to keep me company on my desktop.
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*is dead*

A bigger size of the pic  (over 5000px) can be found HERE. *WARNING DUE TO HEALTH HAZZARD*

This guy's got some funny pics sean.koo


Photo meme

Aug. 25th, 2009 10:09 pm
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Answer the questions with pictures of the person/character you were tagged with. Leave a comment and I will give you a name.

So [ profile] babycin posted this meme and I kinda made her tag me. LOL

I know... very subtle.

Anyway.. it's Jared (what a surprise, huh?)  hehe
I'm limiting myself to max 2 pics. Well... three at the first question. But my excuse is that any pic of him makes me want to have sex with him anyway.. LOL.

Some Jared under the cut... )

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I needed THIS PIC on my desktop.. and cause I'm nice I'll share.. LOL.


The rest here...  )

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This right here is a great start into a new week... 

The original size HERE.

The pic credited to youknowwho.

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As usually when I should be studying my ass off.. I get inspired... *headdesk*

I blame it totally on Jared and his latest pic of the set of FT13.  I actually "fixed" that pic (you know, removed the unnecessary objects) and can be found HERE.

The theme of this post is Jared and his skin. LOL


More this way... )
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So by now all know the new famous FT13 set pic The 'fixed' pic this way... )

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Thanks to [ profile] magser Jared saw my (well his) calendar when she gave it to him to sign.. and.. he looked through it..  and said it's awesome!!!


In case you haven't seen it Jared Padalecki 2009 calendar.

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Lookie!!! Me has a new pretty header.

I think I OD-ed on J&J overdose today. The header was made by me with the most awesome pics by [ profile] wolfpup2000 .

You guys seriously have to check out her journal. Just a taste... There are tons of pictures!

I dare you to click... )
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This bunch is dedicated to [ profile] ckll and of course the pics are also credited to her. There are only Jared icons, because I'm still DLing the Jensen pics. And it looks like it's gonna take forever too. *kicks MU*

Anyway.. a couple of teasers.


More this way )
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Of course when I should be working on other stuff I always end up in my SN folders. Here are a couple of walls.

Warning.. one is from 4.16!


The whole bunch this way... )

OMG Jared!

Mar. 18th, 2009 10:39 pm
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You know I had to... LOL



It's from this pic. Thanks to [ profile] fan25 and [ profile] ckll  

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I haven't done much in the past month or so artwise. But a few icons did pop out. Mostly Jared, some Jensen and my LIMS entries.



More this way... )

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Due to circumstances I wasn't or won't be able to see the movie on the big screen for a while. So I watched a DLed cam version. And after DLing three versions. One was bad, two and three were the same and absolutely watchable and then I found a fourth practically perfect one! It seriouslly looks almost like a dvd version. *is bouncy and rewatching as she's posting this*

Here are a couple of caps and a few words about the movie..

Caps and kinda a review under the cut... )

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These are some icons that I made over the last weeks. It's just Jared this time. They are from caps (up to 4.14), promos and FT13th. I even made a few animated ones.. kinda. Still learning on that part.

Warning: one J2 manip.



For more Jared this way! )
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Thanks to some UHQ pics posted by [ profile] moonilicious  and having a slight breathing-heart problems after unzipping them, I just had to do a few walls.


More this way... )
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After making Jensen 2009 Calendar and then Jared 2009 Calendar, some people asked me about Jensen & Jared calendar.  Here you go...


More double monthy pleasure this way... )


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