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 I made a few headers and icons from episode 5.04.

No teasers due to spoilers...

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I was just going through my folders and realized I haven't posted any headers in a while. They are either from episodes or photoshoots. And spoilery up to 4.21.


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I've made a few headers. I used some new pics, some old pics. But if you haven't seen season 4 up to 4.04 it could be spoilery. BEWARE!

Here's a non spoilery preview.

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I did a couple of banners since the new season started. Seems my muse it's coming back.. slowly.

Spoilers season 4!

Teaser (totally spoilerfree)...

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SN Headers

Aug. 17th, 2008 06:49 pm
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It's been ages since I posted any headers, so I decided that has to be changed. There are a few headers of the boys separately or together.


SN headers

May. 10th, 2008 08:49 pm
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I made some headers, mostly from Time Is On My Side, but there are some other too.

The first bunch is 800x400 and the last three are 850x283 (I know, weird size... don't ask... lol).

Click on the pics for the original size.


They are free to use, just credit me please and don't hotlink.
Comments welcome!!

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Here's a wall I made from the newest promo pic and one of the boys and a couple of headers..

Fell free to take, just credit me please and don't hotlink.  Click on the pic for original size.
The pictures are from SPN Media.

Walls are 1280x800 and headers 800x400.

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I've had a couple of things lying around so I thought I'd post them. Maybe someone will enjoy them.

All the walls are 1280x800 and all the headers 800x400 (just click for the original size).

Little preview..

And for the rest...


Feb. 10th, 2008 08:53 pm
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Here are some random headers.. mostly from the last two episodes. (all headers are 800x400)

They are free to be used, just don't hotlink and credit me [personal profile] alena2b please.

Comments are very much welcome!!!
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So far I posted fanart which portrait both boys. But as much as I love Dean/Jensen.. I am a Sammy/Jared girl. So the next bunch is dedicated to him. Enjoy! :))

Feel free to take them.
Just don't hotlink and credit me

[personal profile] alena2b please.

Comments are mostly welcome.. If someone would like the header with some text too.. just let me know. All can be done. :))





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I made some headers from the stuff I did in the past months.
Enjoy! :)) 
Click for the original size (all are 800x400).

You can take them, just credit me ([personal profile] alena2b) please and don't hotlink.

Comments are absolutely welcome!


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