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I've stumbled over a show on TV and basically fell in love with it instantly. It's called Sons of Anarchy. And now I'm starting the DL from the beginning. It's a hard core show about a biker gang. Really cool with awesome cast! It's in its 3rd season now and has already been renewed for a 4th one.
And yeah... there's a guy. But I'm not watching cause of him. I swear. I liked the show before he grew on me. LOL

Anyway.. I was playing around last night and made me a new wall/header. (BTW... His name is Charlie Hunnam.)


Oct. 29th, 2010 12:47 am
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 I want Mason back to Vampire Diaries! I actually suffered through all 18 eps of his previous show Trauma due to withdraw. And that show sucked!

Here's a little wallie that prettied up my lappy.

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 I've actually made two things in two days.. voluntarily .. that's a first in like over a year. 

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 Just a tiny Damon Salvatore wall.. 

Here's also a 'smoother' version... )
Click on the wall for bigger...
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 I actually did a wall.. but I'm disappointed in me. I've lost the touch. It feels like I've pretty much forgotten all I've learned in the past years. I used to be able to do so much more. Well, it's definitely not like riding a bike... one forgets. LOL. It's normal though, I've done less art in a year than before in a week. I need my groove back. I need to start learning again. And I need to find more brushes and fonts. Those I lost almost all in the lappy crash. But... Stupid RL is taking all the energy and motivation from me. Hopefully in summer.

But for now I leave you with a little present. *hugs flist*

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 OH GOD....

Have a great week my dear flist!!!! *hugs*

I also made me a wall you can get it HERE. It's nothing special. Just to keep me company on my desktop.
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I think I will like Vampire Diaries. LOL. I do feel a new pairing coming our way this fall. lol

My new wall... No comment.

The original pic HERE.

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I needed THIS PIC on my desktop.. and cause I'm nice I'll share.. LOL.


The rest here...  )

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Things are being set in motion to bring to life JUS IN BELLO Convention in my neighbour country Italy. The only way I can help though is to promote it with my art work. Here are a few walls I made.


Here's the community [ profile] jusinbello_con 

The walls this way... )

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I made this wall yesterday and it was inspired by a style [ profile] babycin did on her walls.


LIMS icons under cut )
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I was going through the HQ pics of Jensen...thanks to [ profile] wheelygirl for finding them... and while resizing them (purely to check quality of course.. lol) I realized some cropping would be necessary to make them perfect for my desktop. And cause I'm so awesome I'm sharing.. hehe.

The link to the pics is HERE.

Anyway. They are no high art wallpapers, but very simple. I don't think I want to be disturbed by any textures while staring at that face.


Walls this way... )

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Of course when I should be working on other stuff I always end up in my SN folders. Here are a couple of walls.

Warning.. one is from 4.16!


The whole bunch this way... )

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Thanks to some UHQ pics posted by [ profile] moonilicious  and having a slight breathing-heart problems after unzipping them, I just had to do a few walls.


More this way... )
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My pic folder for LOTS is growing, thanks to this gallery and so is my inspiration. Here's another wall from the show.


The whole deal this way... )


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