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Title: "That Night"
Author: [personal profile] alena2b
Pairing: Jared / Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ca. 1500 (one shot)
Summary:  The night that changed things between them.

Disclaimer: The boys belong to themselves. I'm just playing around.

 Notes: It’s my first J2 fic and there’s no sex in this one, because I kinda got stuck on that. But I’m working on it. The writing about sex part that is.  Beta'd by  my dear friend  [profile] josiepops.  Thank you hun!

Comments and reviews are mostly welcomed and appreciated!

I should maybe mention that English isn't my first language. So if you're missing the flow here and there or still find mistakes. Please bear with me I'm learning and working on it.



It was a night like any other.  Jared and Jensen were goofing around, playing Playstation and drinking beer. It's become quite the habit between them. A way to forget and relax.

Usually it was at Jared's house. For one it was big and this way he could take care of the dogs.

Jensen didn't mind. His apartment was smaller and lacking that feeling of home that Jared's house had. Besides he found the bed in Jared's guest room more comfortable than his own.

Jared didn't even notice that Jensen was around so much. He just enjoyed his co-star's company, but maybe it wasn't as simple as it seemed.

Lately Jared discovered something rather weird. He suddenly had the urge to touch Jensen; and not like he already did.

He was already in Jensen's private space all the time hanging all over him, hugging or smacking him. But lately when he hugged him, he left his arm around him just a few seconds longer. Ended the hug with a slide across Jensen's shoulders. When he passed him by, he just 'accidentally' rubbed himself on Jensen's hips or maybe put his hand on the small of his co-star's back.

He was being subtle enough, he thought, because Jensen never said anything.

Jared was really confused. He tried to analyze what the hell was happening to him. Why he wanted to touch another guy.  And the only guy he could talk to about everything was Jensen. That was the problem.

Jared wasn't that stupid. He recognized the signs and knew what was happening, but he thought it was just a phase and that he'll grow out of it.

Jensen was helping him out after Jared had broken up with Sandy and he thought it was just a rebound thing. When you get attached to the next closest person. 

Or was it? Sandy said something about him not being focused on them anymore; if he was really honest to himself. He did jerk off a few times thinking of Jensen.

He was sitting on the couch, playing Playstation and having his ass kicked by his co-star; because his concentration was, well, in his downstairs brain.

Jensen was sitting next to Jared wondering why he sucks at the game so badly today. Then he realized he's been strangely quiet tonight.

Jensen loved spending his evenings here. It was cozy and relaxed and it was near Jared. He loved his best friend. Jared was one of few people that were allowed so far into his personal space.

He could talk to Jared about everything. Except, there was this little thing he couldn't mention. The fact that he was in love with his co-star. He had been for a long time.

Jensen always liked girls, so when this feelings started occurring, he was really confused. But he dealt with them a while back. Now when he was around Jared he enjoyed his company. He was happy with what little something he could get. And thank god, he didn't need to deal with the whole identity crisis thing anymore.

Something Jared was dealing with at the moment, but Jensen didn't really know that. Or maybe he did?

He knew Jared liked girls. Actually that he loved a girl. Jensen loved Sandy too.

Until she broke Jared's heart.

It's been a while now and Jared seemed totally ok about it, but he still didn't start dating. They were actually spending all their weekends together.

And Jensen noticed. He noticed Jared spending even more time in his personal space. He noticed the accidental touches and rubs. He knew how to read body language. It just seemed too good to be true.

They were sprawled out on Jared's couch and Jensen was kicking Jared's ass.

Dude, whats wrong with you? Jensen glimpsed at Jared, keeping his main attention on the screen, I mean you always suck, just usually not that bad.

Jared focused his whole attention to Jensen, rolled his eyes and hissed: Hilarious!

This was just enough for Jensen to beat Jared, again.

Ive had enough, Jared loudly stated, threw the remote on the couch, finished his beer and stood up. Ill have another one. Want one? and set himself to the fridge to get more beer.

The visit to the kitchen was enough for Harley and Sadie to get all excited and hopeful to go to the garden for a few minutes.

Im just going to let the dogs out, Jared said, happy for the distraction and an excuse to put some distance between him and Jensen.

Ok, Jensen mumbled. He didnt like where the night was going. Jared was clearly not in the mood and that was weird.

He wondered what to do. He knew the best way would be to talk, but this wasn’t really a topic you start with your best friend. Besides they were guys. So the best way would be to get drunk.

Yeah, drunk is a good idea, he thought to himself.

Jared was standing outside. Breathing the clear evening air. Actually breathing so hastily he started feeling dizzy. 

He was starting to feel a bit desperate and realized he just cant function properly around Jensen anymore. He knew he wont be able to pull off the charade for much longer.

What now? he sighed. Get drunk. Yeah, drunk sounds good.

With that on his mind he returned inside, where he found Jensen digging through his alcohol stock.

Jared leaned on the side of the door and enjoyed the view for a minute. Jensen was leaning forward and his perfect ass just made Jared sigh silently and lick his lips unconsciously.

Now thats a look for sore eyes, he thought. 

Jensen turned and asked, What? And it turned out Jared said it out loud. He quickly changed different shades of red on his face and tried to look inconspicuous.

Well you know, I could use something stronger than beer, Jared tried to save the situation, while he gave himself a mental smack on the head.

Jensen chuckled and grabbed two glasses. Move your hot ass in the kitchen and bring some ice. 

Jared almost chocked. What? he asked with eyes wide open.

Get some ice, its hot in here and Im not drinking warm whiskey.

Oh, ok, Jared managed to whisper. His mouth going dry.

Jensen suddenly found the whole situation intriguing. He heard what Jared said and there was no doubt what he meant. He is some sight, he thought too, while watching Jared move around the kitchen.

They settled comfortably on the couch, drinking silently and watching a movie.

Jareds couch was huge. Which was to expect considering his size.  So both men could be sprawled all over the couch and Sadie still found place between them. After a few whiskeys the gap between though started getting smaller and neither realized that, until Jareds knee brushed against Jensens thigh.

Jared felt like he was on fire when he realized it. He glimpsed at Jensen who didnt seem to notice anything. So Jared randomly left his knee touching Jensen.

Jensen felt Jareds knee. And this random touch made his dick twitch a bit. He also noticed Jared didnt remove his leg.

He thought about it and then suddenly stretched his arms and put them on the back of the couch.  It was such a teenage-first-date thing to do, but it wasnt invented in vain.

Besides, the whole I-like-a-guy thing was kind of new and he did feel like a teenager on a first date. 

He let his fingers brush against Jareds neck. And just this has made his jeans too tight.

Jared tried not to react to Jensens touch, but it just took his breath away. He leaned back into Jensens hand. And felt Jensens fingers going through his hair.

His dick started to react to the touch. Becoming hard really quickly. There was a warm sensation in his stomach. Almost like butterflies.

He turned his head and saw Jensen looking at him. There was something unfamiliar and so hot in his eyes.

Suddenly they knew that theres no need for words.

Jensen leaned forward and brushed Jareds lips. He couldnt believe this was really happening. Jareds lips were soft and he felt Jared parting them just a bit. He moved his face away  a little, so he could see Jareds eyes.

And he knew this was right. He gently cupped Jareds face and kissed him again.

Jared felt Jensens lips, his tongue licking his lips and trying to find the way into Jareds mouth. Jared accepted him willingly.

They started exploring each others lips and mouths with hunger and passion they never felt before.

Finally the lack of air made them part. Panting they stared at each other, lips swollen and blushed.

Wow! Jared stated. And Jensen just nodded.

So, this is it? Jensen asked.

I guess, Jared whispered while already leaning in another kiss.


 ~ THE END ~




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