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After a long time I finally feel inspired to do some icons. Although opening a community about Once Upon A Time[ profile] storybrooke_tv   might have helped too. LOL There aren't many, but it's a start...

BTW.. my lappy died and I'm devastated, since it's just another bad thing in a serious of really crappy things that happened this year. Using my sister's old one atm.. better than nothing, but meh. At least I kept all the files. Anyway...



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 As you might have noticed, my muse has left me a loooooooong time ago. And I hardly make any art. But I decided to take part in a Sons of Anarchy icon challenge. And I'm proud to say I won. I def didn't see that coming. Maybe it will boost my motivation a bit... 

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 Here's a bunch of icons. Some newer, some older, one animated from gag reel. 

Some icons are spoilery up to 5.02.



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I've been playing around.. Like always when I have to study. Here are some animated sidebars and icons from SN Gag reel and 2.07 of Leverage.

No preview due to possible spoilers.

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As usually when I should be studying my ass off.. I get inspired... *headdesk*

I blame it totally on Jared and his latest pic of the set of FT13.  I actually "fixed" that pic (you know, removed the unnecessary objects) and can be found HERE.

The theme of this post is Jared and his skin. LOL


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I made this wall yesterday and it was inspired by a style [ profile] babycin did on her walls.


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Here are some icons from 4.19...

Non-spoilery teaser.


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This bunch is dedicated to [ profile] ckll and of course the pics are also credited to her. There are only Jared icons, because I'm still DLing the Jensen pics. And it looks like it's gonna take forever too. *kicks MU*

Anyway.. a couple of teasers.


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I haven't done much in the past month or so artwise. But a few icons did pop out. Mostly Jared, some Jensen and my LIMS entries.



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My muse hasn't left me... yay!!! Or at least is more interested in Twilight at the moment. I bring you another bunch of icons...



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These are some icons that I made over the last weeks. It's just Jared this time. They are from caps (up to 4.14), promos and FT13th. I even made a few animated ones.. kinda. Still learning on that part.

Warning: one J2 manip.



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I'm being a bit busy, but an icon does pop up here and there though. Today I'm posting a few icons I did in the last weeks and some bigger icons I've done for my phone. Those are size 400x400.




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I was bored... These are mostly the icons from 4.06, but there are also from other eps or photoshoots. I was just digging through my pic folders.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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I made some stuff from the last episode, which as much as love the ep, I wasn't thrilled about the whole B/W thing. I'm just not a big fan of black and white... in general.

But the ep was hilarious and the boys were gorgeous. There's one Sam header and a few icons from the ep and then a couple of headers I made in the last days.



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You know I couldn't hold back. [ profile] andreas_ri  posted the first preview of the new promo pictures. One of Jensen. God I hope we get Jared tomorrow.

It's funny how many icons can one make from one pic. I made 10 and a bigger one for my phone.


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Well I couldn't resist the new pics from TVguide and I still have some from the Eyecon laying around... pics for Eyecon are thanks to [personal profile] cherryscott

*mummbles under breath* stupid cut acting up again!


Take, enjoy, credit and don't hotlink!

Comments welcome!

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There was a challenge on board called LIMS and it was a long journey, which started in January. The most incredible is the fact that I made it to the final. I still can't belive it and i don't know what the result will be. But coming so far is enough. And I'm really want to say thanks to the people who voted for me.

Here's a little trip down the LIMS memory lane.

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I just had to play around with the pics that are credited to [ profile] alaerys and this post.
 I appologize for not putting it under cut my dear flist, but something is not working. I'll try to fix it.


Comments welcome!

Snag away, just credit please!

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Some icons that just popped out of that Christmas Cottage trailer. I mostly played with color.

The caps we're made by me and can be found here.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


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