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 F*****ing LJ! It screwed up all of the calendar links so much, I had to delete!


I'll try fixing them later... 
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OMG! *gasps* Germans dubbed (translated) Dean's pie into burger!! *holds heart* but but but.. that's like THE EPIC thing.. Dean and his pie!

In German he asked Sam to bring him a burger... and he really wanted A PIE! 

*is in shock*
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My FT13 upload got deleted and I've been trying to upload a new one in the last couple of day. And it's a long process. It takes about 9 hours. I tried megashares and it crashed my Modzilla twice after uploading like 15%... So I switched to Explorer. And left my laptop on all night (thank god the over-heating has been fixed).. anyway... the last time I checked I had 5 min left.. the next time I checked Explorer crashed! AGRH!!! I had my lappy on for the whole freaking night!!
I give up!!

I'm sorry to all awating the DL, but I give up!
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I've been sending a lot of messages in the last couple of weeks due to the calendars and today our dear LJ informed me I can't send any more, because I exceeded my limit (which I didn't know I even had)... Now the question. Does the limit reset? And when?

Crap, maybe I'll really have to get me a paid account.
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I've lost another  vid in two months due to copyright claim. How the fuck do they know which are my fav vids? And the worst part... I can't even change audio, because I deleted all the video project files last fucking week! *headdesk* And this video had music and voiceover. Man!

Vids under cut... )


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