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Yeah... It's that time of the year again... I bring you the 2010 Supernatural calendar with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!!!


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Dec. 13th, 2009 08:32 pm
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Soon my friends.... soon!

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After finding some pics at I just had to do some icons. 



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 I made a few headers and icons from episode 5.04.

No teasers due to spoilers...

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 Here's a bunch of icons. Some newer, some older, one animated from gag reel. 

Some icons are spoilery up to 5.02.



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I've been playing around.. Like always when I have to study. Here are some animated sidebars and icons from SN Gag reel and 2.07 of Leverage.

No preview due to possible spoilers.

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I think I will like Vampire Diaries. LOL. I do feel a new pairing coming our way this fall. lol

My new wall... No comment.

The original pic HERE.

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Oh yay! I made my first sidebar banner.

I kinda FINALLY learned today how to put them on my layout. And I just had to make me one.

Take, enjoy, don't hotlink and credit!

Comments are welcome!

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I needed THIS PIC on my desktop.. and cause I'm nice I'll share.. LOL.


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When I saw Jensen in those shorts tonight I just had to...

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Things are being set in motion to bring to life JUS IN BELLO Convention in my neighbour country Italy. The only way I can help though is to promote it with my art work. Here are a few walls I made.


Here's the community [ profile] jusinbello_con 

The walls this way... )

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I was just going through my folders and realized I haven't posted any headers in a while. They are either from episodes or photoshoots. And spoilery up to 4.21.


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I made this wall yesterday and it was inspired by a style [ profile] babycin did on her walls.


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Here are some icons from 4.19...

Non-spoilery teaser.


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I was going through the HQ pics of Jensen...thanks to [ profile] wheelygirl for finding them... and while resizing them (purely to check quality of course.. lol) I realized some cropping would be necessary to make them perfect for my desktop. And cause I'm so awesome I'm sharing.. hehe.

The link to the pics is HERE.

Anyway. They are no high art wallpapers, but very simple. I don't think I want to be disturbed by any textures while staring at that face.


Walls this way... )

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This bunch is dedicated to [ profile] ckll and of course the pics are also credited to her. There are only Jared icons, because I'm still DLing the Jensen pics. And it looks like it's gonna take forever too. *kicks MU*

Anyway.. a couple of teasers.


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Of course when I should be working on other stuff I always end up in my SN folders. Here are a couple of walls.

Warning.. one is from 4.16!


The whole bunch this way... )

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I haven't done much in the past month or so artwise. But a few icons did pop out. Mostly Jared, some Jensen and my LIMS entries.



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These are some icons that I made over the last weeks. It's just Jared this time. They are from caps (up to 4.14), promos and FT13th. I even made a few animated ones.. kinda. Still learning on that part.

Warning: one J2 manip.



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Thanks to some UHQ pics posted by [ profile] moonilicious  and having a slight breathing-heart problems after unzipping them, I just had to do a few walls.


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