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I know they've been made. But I got a HQ trailer today thanks to [ profile] moht_  and Jared looked so good in HQ that I just had to make me a few caps. And there are really a few, but it's Jared in all it's glory. LOL
Anyway, if anyone is interested, there's also a DL link.


More this way... )

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[ profile] ckll pointed us in the direction on this two inteviews today. It's Jared at the EyeCon. The interviews are not spoilery and you can find them here part one and here part two

Unfortunately they can't be downloaded or at least we haven't figured how yet. But I print-screened a few caps and they can be used for icons at least.



More caps and DL link this way... )
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I just had to do them..

There are mostly one per scene, because I used the 'print screen' technique (i like to torture myself that way), because none of my programs open flv files, which have perfect picture quality (thanks to [personal profile] magser ). And thanks to [personal profile] ckll  for posting the link!

There's also a DL link at the end.



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While posting some pics today I came across my caps for the Scary just got sexy promo for itv2. Anyway, I thought maybe someone would like them. I know they are a bit old, but we do have some new fans.

There are two files. One has smaller ones, but round 50 caps. the other one has bigger, but fewer caps. I still don't know why the size difference. And they are not really big, but enough to make some art with them.

I also added the DL link to the promo itself.

Here are some teasers.

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We've by now probably all seen THE vid and I really want to thank the poster..  just in case.. it's here TV GUIDE VID.

But I just had to do this.. Just to make it stop for admiration. Because the vid is just too short. The quality is not really good, but you can still see the beauty of one Jared Padalecki. Enjoy!



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