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 I can't belive but I finally made a video. It's a season 5 promo.

Spoilers up to 5.40!

Music is Countdown by X-Ray Dog.

Youtube link
Download links: Rapishare

Comments are welcome!
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I've lost another  vid in two months due to copyright claim. How the fuck do they know which are my fav vids? And the worst part... I can't even change audio, because I deleted all the video project files last fucking week! *headdesk* And this video had music and voiceover. Man!

Vids under cut... )

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My new friend [ profile] babycin  and a picspam of Christian Kane in "Her Minor Thing" she did, made me think of one of my fav clips of Chris. It's from the movie 'Keep Your Distance' and every time he sings in that clip... siiiiiiiiiiiiigh....

And there's also Steve Carlson on the stage.

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I haven't made a vid in a long time. And this is me getting back on the horse.

It's a promo vid for season 4, concentrating on heaven and hell and our boys in between. I think.. lol

YouTube link

Download link: Sendspace 

Comments are welcome! Enjoy!!

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I had this song playing in my head for a while now and now I finally decided what to do with it...

Sam and Dean fought many monsters in the past three seasons, so this vid is dedicated to the scary part of the show.

Song: Prelude 12-21 by AFI

Here you can watch: Youtube link

Here you can download : Sendspace link
                                              DivShare link

Enjoy! Comments very much welcome!
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This sucker took a lot of time. Had lots of artist blocks while doing it and I would like to thank my friends [personal profile] magser and [profile] nascentproselyt and [profile] winchesterxgirl for ideas and suggestions and for holding my hand.

I have to thank [personal profile] magser for the song she provided. It is good. After two days of editing it.. I stil like it. Lol.

Summary: Dean is the big brother. He has always felt he needed to protect Sam. But now his time is up and he has to let go.

In My Arms by Plumb

Here you can watch: Youtube link

Here you can download: Sendspace link

Comments welcome!!!
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I did a little recap of the season 3 finale. It's all about Dean's deal.

And to answer your question.. yeah, I totally sobbed while making it. They just broke my heart.

Tissue alert!!

Music by X-ray Dog.

Here's the link to my YouTube.

Download link:  DivShare

Comments welcome!
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This always happens.. when the hiatus nears the end I start popping out promos.. he he. And the fact that I just came across the best possible music for promos helps too. So I think there might be more coming this way. LOL

The music is once again by X-Ray Dog called Reign of Hell. And spoilers throughout the season 3.

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I know I posted one like yesterday or so. BUT.. I did this promo vid today and it caused me lots of grey hair, because things got stuck in the middle or rather the end and i couldn't convert the project at first. But then I finally did and I have to say I'm really proud of it.

The song is Propero Antiquitas by X-Ray Dog.

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When I fell in love with Supernatural I first started doing video and a few months later fanart as well. But I haven't done anything in months. So despite my lack of time I just had to put a little something together.

It's a little promo set to Dark Empire Remix. Which I've used before and love it. It's just to get us (even) more excited for the new episodes.

You can find all my videos here alena2b on youtube.

Welcome to come by!


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